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DEEP cleaning the smells right out of your carpets

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If your home is suffering from bad odours then we're here to help. Unpleasant smells from pets (most odours we treat are from cats & dogs), blood, urine & vomit can be relentless, you just can't escape that horrible smell, with prolonged exposure possibly leading to side effects such as headaches or nauseau for your family.

We're Here To Help.

If you require an effective odour removal service in Blackpool, Preston or across the Fylde coast then you need to call Healthy Homes - Fylde Carpet & Upholstery cleaning today to safely & properly rid you of your odour problem.

Our technicians have undertaken advanced odour removal training, are aware of the safest and best odour extraction techniques and have access to the most modern and advanced sanitisers and equipment enabling them to leave your home smelling clean, fresh and disinfecting those problen areas that could be harbouring harmful bacteria.

We are specialists in all forms of odour removal and control and we care enough about our chosen field and customers to take the time carry out the work to a very high standard.

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