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We care about our customers & we care about leather.

Leather couches , sofas, suites, chairs & footstools at home, work, restaurant or bar we offer a professional leather cleaning service to meet all your leather cleaning needs.

What everyone ought to know about leather.

The major tanneries who produce your leather furniture recommend that you have it cleaned every twelve months by a trained technician, this helps to ensure your leather furniture continues to look at it's luxurious best whilst protecting the finish avoiding expensive replacement costs.

Over time dirt, grease, grime, body oils & fats attach themselves to the surface of your leather and because they can penetrate DEEP inside the grain of the leather it can cause it to loose it's soft feel, even causing it to look FADED. loose it's colour or crack. It is for this reason that periodic cleaning & conditioning of your leather is essential if it is to keep it's luxurious LOOK, FEEL & SMELL.

Leather maintenance & properties.

Over 90% of leather on the market today is finished (protected or pigmented) meaning that it has a protective coating applied protecting it from its surroundings, these leathers are often the most durable and cleaner friendly. 

The other 10% of leathers are unfinished, they have no protective coating applied and are generally expensive high end products but are very prone to staining and can often be destroyed by leather cleaning kits. Only professional leather cleaning technicians should touch unfinished leather.

Leather cleaning & conditioning.

Once the type of leather has been ascertained an appropriate cleaning solution is applied by sponge and worked into the grain with a specialist brush with the soiled particles being wiped away with a cloth.

A leather protection cream is then applied to the clean leather acting as a conditioner, re-instating that showroom shine, giving you back that luxurious leather LOOK, FEEL & SMELL while adding a protective barrier repelling stains and protecting the surface from wear and tear.

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